7" Slip Bladez

7" Slip Bladez

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Dj Armor Designed pair of 7 inch Slip Bladez 


Slip Bladez
You want slippery slip mats?  Well look no further. These are as slippery as they come.  Designed and created by Dj Henray Customs. 

These are made ultra thin and super slippery for cutting, scratching, & mixing. They are literally paper thin! They're made from compressed polyester and will hold their shape and last. 

I've personally tried dozens of slip mats myself, but was never really satisfied with the way they handled on my Technics. There was always something holding the other slip mats back. These "Slip Blades" are the best mats I have used so far. You'll really sharpen your skills with these. Take your skills to the next level! Get a pair and try them for yourself! They handle better than most slip mats out on the market.